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Learn the
Art of Boxing

Boxing For the Whole Family!

The Art of Boxing

At EBFC, we believe that boxing is more than a physical activity - it’s an art form. We strive to teach proper technique, promote discipline, and help students develop fundamental boxing skills. Our classes are designed to simulate the workout routines of a professional boxer. Our goal is to help you get in shape, learn how to defend yourself, and build confidence while learning the true art of boxing.


Join the
Elite Boxing Family

 Our family-oriented facility provides boxing classes for everyone, from children ages 7 and up to adults of all experience levels. 

We are much more than a typical boxing gym. At our gym, you will be part of the Elite Boxing Family. We are committed to helping each person reach their fullest potential while having a great time.


Not Just a Sport

We believe that boxing isn't just about physical prowess-- it's about mental toughness, too. We strive to use the sport to build mental strength and resiliency, while also educating our youth on issues such as bullying, depression, and anger management.

We focus on building a strong foundation for our students with physical and mental skills applicable inside and outside of the ring!


Coach Dorian

Owner & Head Coach


Coach Dori Jr.

Coach & Personal Trainer


Coach Adriana



Coach Kirk

Assistant Coach


Coach Nasem

Assistant Coach

Meet Our Coaches

Thomas B.

"I walked into this place with zero boxing knowledge. They welcomed me, and made me feel like part of the family right away. They push me to get better, and have some of the best fighters in the area to train with. Whether you are looking to get serious about boxing to compete, or just want to take it up as a casual hobby like I did; they will work with you and provide the best experience possible. There is no better place in all of Central Florida to learn boxing."

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