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Elite Boxing Youth Champs, Inc

Elite Boxing Youth Champs, Inc. is a non-profit empowering Oviedo and Central Florida's youth through boxing. We teach boxing while fostering physical health, mental strength, and resilience. Our mission? To educate and empower young champions for life.

About Our Program

We are dedicated to transforming the lives of low-income and at-risk youth in Oviedo and Central Florida. Since 2020, we've witnessed remarkable improvements in physical and mental health, confidence, academic performance, and social skills among our young students through our boxing program.

We instill values of discipline, respect, and perseverance, believing in boxing's power to shape successful adults. Join us in providing a safe, nurturing environment for youth to flourish!

Eligibility for funding is subject to the availability of resources. Our program is open to under-resourced youth aged 8-17. We define under-resourced broadly, encompassing various social circumstances beyond solely low-income households.

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